Orlando’s Ambassador of Love

Donna Dowless’s popular paintings of juicy red hearts and kissable, plump lips are only part of the reason she was officially proclaimed Orlando’s Ambassador of Love.  She’s working full-time to advance the lives of artists in the city’s burgeoning downtown art scene.  All of her work, inside the studio and out, is dedicated to flooding Orlando with love.  She invited me to her studio to talk about how she left her role as SVP at Ticketmaster to live out her dream of being a full-time artist.  Here’s part of our conversation..

Photo Courtesy: Carol Cox/Intermedia4web

HAPPY WHERE SHE LIVES: “The diversity of people who come to Orlando from all over the world to live a good life…it’s a city that has a lot of things happening.  We’re a young city and I like being part of the happening.”

HAPPY IN LIFE: “Change makes me happy.”  “Being aware of the things I’m thankful for.”  “Giving someone a little lift up.”  “Hearing someone’s story.”

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One thought on “Orlando’s Ambassador of Love

  1. Sharon & Jerry

    We will be watching! Love what you are doing. Jerry & Sharon

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