Where Everyday is Christmas Day

Greeting guests from far and wide.

Last night I checked into what might be the creepiest most unusual B&B in the South.  Even for the South.  Why did I choose this place, a person might ask.  My answer is twofold: 1. It’s right off of I-10  and 2. My reservation wasn’t thoroughly thought through.  The first sign something was “off” was the manger scene by the front door.  Hmm, it’s June.  Did someone overlook this?  Nope,  it’s intentional.  Turns out, Christmas is their thing.  A faux douglas fir no shorter than 12 feet high, complete with presents piled beneath with cards wishing the baby Jesus a happy birthday is proudly displayed in this historic home’s foyer.  Garland twirls around the banister and wreaths dangle from the doorways. Whimsical quotes ranging from “Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle” to “Santa Sees Everything” line the walls to goose your dormant holiday cheer.  I asked the inn keeper about the decor and he just shrugged and said the owner just really likes Christmas and he just works there to live rent free.  I won’t out them by name because who am I?  Some people may want to experience the heat of Florida inside a B & B that pretends to be a winter wonderland.  They’re likely to be disappointed if they’re looking to cool down, though.  This joint has no working AC. 

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One thought on “Where Everyday is Christmas Day

  1. Judy Patti

    It looks great Kari 🙂 Sorry I was no help. I can’t wait to fillow the adventures.

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