Peeling Shrimp Properly in Pass Christian, MS

Today, Father’s Day, I was with a dear friend and her family on the Jordan River near Pass Christian, Mississippi.  The day started with a Southern Louisiana delight, the Lowcountry Boil.  Now listen, I’m from Florida and I’ve been peeling and eating shrimp and other critters that crawl the floor of the Gulf of Mexico my whole life.  I had no idea I was doing it wrong, offensively so.  I was called out and I got schooled.  Here’s a Southern gentleman showing how it’s done…

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4 thoughts on “Peeling Shrimp Properly in Pass Christian, MS

  1. Kay W. Pricher

    I take full responsibility for not peeling shrimp properly…never buy or serve with heads on! Mom

  2. Susan

    KVP, I loved hanging out with you this weekend….it all happened way too fast! Dinner at Cote Sud was delish, dinner party at Sandy’s house = food coma, and hanging out in MS for Father’s Day was downright nice and relaxing;) Keep me posted on EVERYTHING! LYLAS, Susan

  3. I wish I could travel cross-country like this. Have a blast, and love your blog. Looks so good!

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