Anything But Silent

Tanya & Dorsie on the corner of St. Peter and Royal.

Tanya & Dorsie on the corner of St. Peter and Royal.

I spent the weekend with my dear friend, Susan, in New Orleans last weekend.  Had some time to myself on Saturday to stroll the French Quarter— pipe down peanut gallery, I know there’s much, much more to New Orleans and I did plenty.  But, I like Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral (crashed a wedding), Cafe Du Monde, and the street musicians.  I hung around a tired Dixieland Jazz act for a while and was giving up for the day until I happened upon Tanya & Dorsie—a duo who’ve traveled the world playing their beautiful music for the past ten years.  Still, they set up regularly on the corner of St. Peter and Royal.  I listened for a while and was about to leave when a guy  asked if they take requests.  Dorsie  languidly replied, “Sometimes.”  He asked for “The Sound of Silence”.  She didn’t commit. Tanya and Dorsie chatted a little, there was some eye squinting, nose crinkling, sky staring.  Nothing happened for a while.  I thought they blew him off and took breather.  Then, this happened….

I stayed another hour.

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4 thoughts on “Anything But Silent

  1. Aunt Sandy

    Kari: Couldn’t access the video. It says “This video is private.” Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

  2. Susan Tedder

    This is terrific, Kari. I loved it.

  3. Jerald Pricher

    Fantastic! Thanks for taking us along, Kari.

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