He Twists Metal with his Bare Hands

Nathan with one of his babies

Heading to Beaumont, TX from the Louisiana bayou I got a text from my friend, Morgan.  She heard I was looking to talk to folks following their passion and said I shouldn’t miss her friend Nathan T. Logsdon.  Nathan’s a metalsmith artist in Baton Rouge, LA, and turns out a life philosopher as well.  I was exhausted from sleeping with one eye open and ready to get to Beaumont to sleep double eye shut.  But, I detoured because something told me to take this tip from Morgan.  I’m glad I did. An hour and ten later, I pulled into a warehouse parking lot, was greeted by two cute dogs and a 6’4″ broad-shouldered, dark haired, dark eyed man covered in sweat and dust.  He shook my hand and offered me a glass of ice water.  It was really hot… in the warehouse.  Nathan’s been heating, twisting, and hammering metal most of his life and takes on custom work for homes and businesses to support his true love—- sculpting.  His large-scale work is displayed all over the country.  One day he hopes to work on his own creations full-time, until then he’s grateful for his commercial work which looks like pure art to me.

Yes, Nathan, it is.  It most definitely is.

WHY NATHAN IS HAPPY IN BATON ROUGE: “The people here are fantastic.  The food is great.  As far as my career goes, this is a port city and a major industrial city. In terms of getting access to the things I use to do my work, everything is right here.”

WHAT WOULD MAKE NATHAN HAPPY: “Being able to work on my art full-time.”

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