You’re Not Staying at The Hilton…

was an accurate setting of expectations for my accommodations in Plaquemines Parish.

The Empire Inn

The Empire Inn
Totally safe and very clean.

Somehow, I got turned around on the one main road in and out of  the Bayou the other day.  I stopped at a diner/trailer, who’s parking lot was packed, to get my bearings.  I ordered the red beans special before I realized everyone was there for the snowball trailer.  Anyway, the woman running the diner  asked me what I was looking for.  I told her about my plans to go on the shrimping boat.  She was luke warm on whether or not I would think it was cool.  Then she pointed me back in the, one-of-two, right direction.  Offhandedly, she asked where I was gonna stay that night.  When I told her she came out from behind the counter to have a talk.  “Ok, just so you know, you’re not stayin’ at the Hilton or anything like that.”  I wasn’t expecting anything nice but this place was listed under the B&B section on Tripadvisor.  She said, “It’s a FEMA trailer cut in half.  Like two rooms for one FEMA trailer.”  My concern suddenly turned from having fun on the shrimping boat to my safety.  She assured me I’d be safe because that’s where the construction workers and fishermen stay.  “Any women usually staying there?” I inquired.  “No, definitely not,” she informed.  Ummm, what?   But, options are few and my gut told me the ladies wouldn’t steer me wrong.   So, I spent the night in the FEMA trailer. With two doorstops securing the door, my whistle on the night stand, one eye open, and Janie by the bed.  (If you’re wondering who Janie is, I’ll tell you later.) The ladies were right— it wasn’t The Hilton but it was just fine.

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2 thoughts on “You’re Not Staying at The Hilton…

  1. Kay W. Pricher

    sooooo I’ve met Janie and this is the first time I have really been glad she is along for the ride!

  2. Bethany

    Ha! That’s too funny!

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