The Night I Crashed with Hippies in Round Top, Texas

Deb and Matt at Royers Round Top Cafe

I spent the night with a couple I’d never met before.  I was introduced to them by a man I’d met 24-hours earlier.  This is exactly the kind of thing I want to happen in my life a lot more.  As long as the strangers I stay with are as cool as Deb and Matt— by far two of the kindest and most interesting people I’ve come across.  They ran a B&B in Round Top, Texas for a long time and even they thought my arrival was a bit random.  It was.  But, no one seemed to care and we found our  footing immediately.  They were staying in a home someone bought through the Sears catalogue way back before 1950 and preparing to move to Florida.  All of their cool stuff was everywhere as they were assembling it for their yard sale— books, crafts, quilts, paintings, photographs, records, lamps, lights.  I can only thank my lucky stars that their stuff wasn’t yet up for grabs because my car would be too small for the loot I’d carry out of there.  I slept in the downstairs bedroom where Deb mixed and matched a set of sheets and made up a little dwelling for me that put Anthropologie to shame.  We had dinner at Royers Round Top Cafe where Deb and Matt “put a hug on” everyone that came in the room.  It was a little like sitting at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy for one evening.  After dinner Matt drove me back to the Sear’s house via the Festival Institute –a stunning campus for young musicians to flourish.  Matt and I talked about what’s important in life.  I listened really closely to what he had to say because he and Deb definitely have the right thing happening.  The following morning, after I hugged them both goodbye and they lovingly sent me on my way, I discovered a self-portrait post-card Deb made for me and stashed on the dash.

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Deb Taylor’s fabulous blogs:  and and

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21 thoughts on “The Night I Crashed with Hippies in Round Top, Texas

  1. Susan Tedder

    I am so happy when I open my e-mail and a “Stretch 2012” is waiting. They all are so wonderful and so filled with great writing and great adventures. We are so happy for you.
    Love you,
    Susan and Warren

  2. oh Kari….’twas such a precious moment to spend a brief leg of your journey with us! Timing is everything, and I know we were supposed to meet! I adore you. And loving this article, and keeping up with your travels.Now come on over to the other side…~we got beach!~ and still use mismatched linens!! xoxoxo Deb

  3. I have kind of known Deb for some time through various creative internet interactions! She is so cool and I love to watch her life! I love how you said “sitting on top of Maslow’s Hierarchy”. Well said.

  4. Glad you got to meet Deb…she’s one cool lady…Texas is certainly gonna miss her sweet soul!

  5. Kay W. Pricher

    I would imagine that card is on your dash the rest of the trip and in your heart forever. Mom

  6. Eric

    I met them in Mexico and They should tell you how they came to be together one day. There is a real story of bliss. Love you guys.

  7. Great article! You captured deb’s warm happiness…it’s contagious…I’ve had the pleasure 🙂

  8. Deb is one of the best-est women I know and I love Matt just by association. Lucky you to get to spend time with them!

  9. Of all the people for you to meet, you met Deb. Your life must be certainly joyful. You probably met the most fabulous person in all of Texas. I knew her when she lived in Washington. Deb’s awesome.

  10. oh oh
    what a Great Story!

    isn’t life Grand
    all its randomness!

    the world is so small
    who knows
    will unfold


  11. Wonderful blog. I follow Deb and love her spirit.

  12. Deb and Matt are the bee’s knees!

  13. this is what makes the world go round…..
    being in the right place at the right time to encounter the joy of love!

  14. I too had a synchronistic meeting with Deb back in 2000 in Beaumont, Texas. She was the model for a human figure drawing class that I attended. During the break we discovered that she ran a marathon in honor of my late mother…her name was written on Deb’s racing number! I was deeply grieving her loss and Deb came into my life to be a healing balm. She freely offered me her cabin at Village Creek, a truly sacred place, and I will be forever grateful for the friendship that developed from that chance meeting.

    • oh Ruth….I have a tear falling right now.(a good happy tear!)
      I completely adore you, Ruby and Marc…as my extended family.Thank you for such a heartfelt comment here.
      I will never forget you,that night at Art Studio, and the moment of hearing that paper wad up, followed by silence.

  15. Sue

    My mermaid friend and her sea captain have gone back to the water. I would say I miss them, but I know we’ve been woven together in this world. Their magic lingers in everyone they touch. I love to hear of meetings like yours. Thank you for sharing your story.

  16. Paritosho

    Deb and Matt are no longer in Round Top, and I will truly miss them both. Yet it is so true that once seen by my heart they are never far away! Thanks Kari for sharing your visit with them!

  17. Kari
    where are you headed today?
    people here from Sturart Fl.and Helena,they were here last year,& took a watercolor class in Yellowstone.Last family from Belgium.Full rest of the month..
    look forward to meeting all your new found friends..

  18. Aimee Pricher

    Hey sista! (in-law) Having fun following your travels. =) I have learned so much about you and gained an even higher admiration for you than I had before. You are an amazing lady on an amazing adventure! John reminded Marlee and Cole the other day when he and Aunt Sandy were talking about your awesome posts that you would be stopping by at the end of your journey and they replied in unison, “Yeah! We love Aunt Kari!” Don’t hurry…just know you have family who are so excited to see you and spend some time. Love ya lots!

  19. Aimee Pricher

    Didn’t realize I was posting on the Hippie’s page…thought I was commenting on your main page. Hope you see it!

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