Seattle’s Best

Perfect Seattle Day

Say what you will about Facebook— it’s a time waster, it’s full of people you want to avoid, timeline is terrible— but it’s been nothing short of amazing for me on The Stretch.  I was having a hard time finding a hotel room in Seattle for less than $300 a night.  I posted a call for help on Facebook and, BAM, within ten minutes problem solved.  My hometown friend, Seth, sent me a quick note with his address and an invitation to stay at his house.

Seattle’s Most Talented Dog

He said, “I’m on vacation with Shannon and the kids.  I’m sorry we missed you. The key is on the xyz, under the xyz, next to the xyz.  Make yourself at home.  Our dog, LD, is there but the neighbor is taking care of her.  Have fun.”  Not even so much as a phone call exchanged between us.  And, we haven’t seen each other in at least a decade.  I was blown away.  Completely blown away.  His house is beautiful, in a great neighborhood, in the middle of everything, and I was ten times more comfortable there than I would have been in any hotel.  Plus, I stayed an extra day.  Thanks, Seth.

Seattle weather was on her best behavior. Blue skies and 72 degrees.  My dear friend, Devin, cautioned me not to pack my bags and make a move based on that weather— there are only about 20 lucky days like that a year.  If I could have 20 days just like those, though, the rain and grey skies might be worth it.

The Name is Trademarked

I played tourist and I played her hard.  When I wasn’t sunning myself on Seth’s patio drinking his beer, I was seeing the sights.  The Space Needle, Chihuly Garden, Seattle Art Museum, wine tasting in Woodinville,  lunching on the deck at Ray’s Boathouse, Golden Gardens Park, Oh My God Peaches, and Pike Place Market.

I was one of many hanging around Pike’s Fish Market waiting for someone to fling a fish in the air.  Nothing.  Nothing.  Finally, I asked if I should buy one so they could throw it?   I figured I’d just grill it at Seth’s house.  Instead, they made an offer I couldn’t refuse…

I didn’t even have to buy the fish.  The trick is to catch it with your hands.  Don’t cradle it in your arms because you’ll end up wearing it, smelling like halibut all day.  As soon as it touches your hands squeeze it as hard as you can or else it slips right through.

And you know Seth’s dog, LD?  She’s a wunderkind, one of the world’s smartest dogs.  Her big trick is so undeniably practical that she won my heart in less than a minute.

LD and I made this video after my initial discovery.  As you can imagine, the first time I witnessed this feat was a little startling.

Thank you, Seth and Shannon, for a great weekend plus one day.  You’re welcome to my place in New York, any time.  And, please do let me know when you’ll be out of town again.

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5 thoughts on “Seattle’s Best

  1. what a great post. have fun on your adventures!

  2. Light follows you everywhere you go my Love!
    ~I have caught the fish!~
    and I am now watering at the mouth for a visit to the Pike Market….

  3. I can imagine how funny it was to discover LD’s trick. Hysterical! The video made me laugh. Good job catching the fish! I’d love to see Seattle again, but only if we could stay at Seth’s house too! (Seth, we’ll trade you for time at our cabin in Truckee!)

  4. lugguin123

    Looks like LD is smarter than most men 🙂

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