About The Stretch

Hi, thanks for stopping by.  

My name’s Kari Pricher and I’m a television producer from New York City.  I’m road-tripping across the country for the next four months talking to local characters about what makes them happy- in work, life, and where they call home.  At the end of my journey, I hope the stories I collect will lead me to my next chapter– in work, life, and where I call home.

If you’d like to chat with me about your life or job or the town where you live, there’s a good chance I’ll head your way.  Just send me a quick note to TheStretch2012@karipricher.com.  I’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, here’s my wish list of adventures for the summer- THE STRETCH LIST.  If you can lead me to one or more of these things, please call me immediately. I’m always adding to the list so please check back often.

See ya on down the road,


All my stuff in one place.



Hot Air Balloon Ride Over the Rio Grande Gorge

Learn to Tie and Use a Lasso

-Take a Barrel Racing Lesson

-Sled Down White Sand Dunes

-Witness a River Baptism— Slipped from my grip.  Had one scheduled but the soul got away.  

-Sing with a Gospel Choir

-Claim a Cowboy’s Chaps  

-Work on a Shrimping Boat

-Take a Surfing Lesson in the Pacific

Sit in a Natural Hot Spring Under the Stars

Scream off the Edge of a Cliff without Someone Calling the Cops

-Help out at a Vineyard for a Few Days– ended up drinking more than making

-Eat Local Every Day– this is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated.  Eating locally could be quite tough on the digestive system in some cases.  Doing my best, but I won’t be striking through this one.

-Learn to Make Sopapilla — definitely ate sopapilla but didn’t learn to make it.  Friend in NY said he will teach me.

Attend the Santa Fe Opera

-See the Marfa Lights

-Sleep Under the Stars

-Shoot a Gun

-See the Redwoods

-Stay at The Madonna Inn

-Crab Trap with locals

-Hunt for Sasquatch– missed him but did get a vial of his fur

-Smoke a Peace Pipe

-Float the Swan River

-Jump from the Bigfork Bridge– ummm, I tried my best to make this happen.  Didn’t and won’t.

-Take an improv class– even better.  Performed with the famed IO Theatre’s Armando Monday night show.

-See The Corn Palace

-Milk a cow

-Catch a Fish with My Hands

-Horseback Ride on Trails No One Knows About

 -Work on a Film Set



15 thoughts on “About The Stretch

  1. Liz Dowdell

    I will miss you and can’t wait to follow you – ENJOY your freedom my lifelong friend!

  2. Dave Becker

    Love this Kari! I’ve always wanted to do something like this. Hopefully I can make it happen before the kids are off to college.

  3. there are natural hot springs all over California, so if you need a friend to sit with under the stars, give me a shout out!

  4. Hi Kari! i’m on of your brother’s nutty tourism friends. I think he gave you my contact info but just in case.. here i am : ). I’m in Coos Bay, on the Oregon Coast and we can definitely help you with a few of these… sled down white sand dunes and surfing lessons. Depending on what time of year you end up on the coast, we might be able to help with working on a shrimping boat and catching a fish with your bare hands.
    PS – i do require that we wear visors together.

  5. Sue

    Kari, you can always locate Jay Thompson in San Diego and air balloon ride there at sun set and get surfing lessons close by….I have what is called a bucket list and one is the air balloon ride so I hope you do this and yell, SUE so loud I can can hear you. Also, Edisto Beach is near Charleston if you come my way and or Fort Mill, SC is close to Charlotte if you com Paige/s and my way as well. Gosh, you are too lucky…have fun….I simply for your Dad and Mom…loved the video, too.

  6. Bethany Anderson

    You GO girl! So impressed to see someone *live* life and squeeze out every ounce it has to offer.
    Here’s a challenge to add to your list: at every stop, ask your host (young desk clerk, single-mother waitress, old cowboy hand) what “joy” is to them. I’d be curious as to what you’d find. Also what your definition of it is, and how it changes over your journey.

    You always have a place if you come to/through Atlanta.

    • I love this idea, Bethany! I’m asking all the folks I interview what would make them happy. Most people say they’re pretty content as is. Isn’t that cool? Thanks for stopping by and I will do this just for you!

  7. actionpak6@yahoo.com

    I am in AWE of your adventure. One word: LOVE.

    Actually, three: LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ashley Greene

    Everything sounds so interesting. I know you feel lucky to meet all these fabulous people but they are lucky to meet you too! You are spreading your spirit all over the country. Continue to be safe and have fun.

  9. Jennifer Miller

    Kari, I am thoroughly enjoying following you! However, I am late to read this list, because you could have crossed off two of these things in Arkansas! Alas, you’ve already passed Arkansas though. You could have visited Hot Springs, AR for obviously hot springs, and hunted the Boggy Creek Monster (essentially Sasquatch) in Fouke, AR.

    Safe/ Fun travels! Looking forward to more posts.
    -Jen M.

  10. Come home and I’ll teach you how to make sopapilla. And Jeff will baptize you in the Hudson. We love and miss you! xx

  11. Cliff Kuo

    KVP, do you want to come see what I do on a Gator Football game?? I seriously think I’m the luckiest Gator fan there is! Let me know!

  12. Kari, if you make it down to L.A. my husband can give you the surf lesson. Good luck on the rest of your adventure!

  13. Cairn Ustler

    Hi Kari, Tom and I ran into your Mom and Dad tonight and they told us about your adventure. This is out of this world. How awesome you have the courage to “go for it”. Have a wonderful rest of your trip. If you are anywhere near Wiscasset, ME there is a beautiful art gallery “Wiscasset Bay Gallery”. The owner Keith is a great guy and wonderul artist hismelf. Love, Cairn Ustler

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