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The Night I Crashed with Hippies in Round Top, Texas

Deb and Matt at Royers Round Top Cafe

I spent the night with a couple I’d never met before.  I was introduced to them by a man I’d met 24-hours earlier.  This is exactly the kind of thing I want to happen in my life a lot more.  As long as the strangers I stay with are as cool as Deb and Matt— by far two of the kindest and most interesting people I’ve come across.  They ran a B&B in Round Top, Texas for a long time and even they thought my arrival was a bit random.  It was.  But, no one seemed to care and we found our  footing immediately.  They were staying in a home someone bought through the Sears catalogue way back before 1950 and preparing to move to Florida.  All of their cool stuff was everywhere as they were assembling it for their yard sale— books, crafts, quilts, paintings, photographs, records, lamps, lights.  I can only thank my lucky stars that their stuff wasn’t yet up for grabs because my car would be too small for the loot I’d carry out of there.  I slept in the downstairs bedroom where Deb mixed and matched a set of sheets and made up a little dwelling for me that put Anthropologie to shame.  We had dinner at Royers Round Top Cafe where Deb and Matt “put a hug on” everyone that came in the room.  It was a little like sitting at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy for one evening.  After dinner Matt drove me back to the Sear’s house via the Festival Institute –a stunning campus for young musicians to flourish.  Matt and I talked about what’s important in life.  I listened really closely to what he had to say because he and Deb definitely have the right thing happening.  The following morning, after I hugged them both goodbye and they lovingly sent me on my way, I discovered a self-portrait post-card Deb made for me and stashed on the dash.

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

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