Thank You

Thank you to my parents, Kay and Norm Pricher, for lending Mabel to me this Summer.  Without you, I’d have no wheels.  And, thank you for all of the intangibles.  They are countless.  Thanking you from the bottom of my heart could never be deep enough.  

Thank you, John Pricher, for hooking me up with your fantastic group of friends in tourism both far and wide.  I know it is because they respect you and your work that they are so kind to me.

Thank you, Kim Morgan for being a true friend, chosen family member, and loyal Godmother to Jack. Thank you so much for caring for him while I’m gone.  I hope to one day return your kindness.  

Thank you, Ashley and Chip Greene for hosting me on my first night on the road.  Reading Madison and Fenn their bedtime story and drinking your wine was the perfect kick off.

Thank you, Susan Dela Houssaye and Lynn de la Houssaye, for being great hostesses and even better friends.  Mi casa es su casa next time you come through my town. (wherever that may be)

Thank you, George Uribe for my Bloggie.

Thank you, Morgan David for sending me to Nathan.

Thank you, Maggie Benckenstein for being my new friend and for hosting me in Beaumont, TX.

Thank you, Stephanie Molina for introducing me to the best of Beaumont, the people.

Thank you, Nathaniel Welch for helping me cross a few things off my list.  And, for introducing me to Deb and Matt.

Thank you, Deb Taylor and Matt Hagar for never meeting a stranger and giving me a place to lay my head for the night.

Thank you, Cheryl Morrell for being Austin’s premier hostess.  You are more than generous, my friend.

Thank you, Robin Rolison for joining me for the Austin stretch.  It was great to have a little bit of home and a little bit of history with me in Texas.  

Thank you, Sarah Page for introducing me to your friends along the Lower Colorado River.

Thank you, Charlotte Wattigny for spending the hottest day of the year with me on the gorgeous San Marcos River.



2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Marian Phalin

    Kari—so excited for you and your adventure! Am so much enjoying reading you blog! Had to laugh about the place you stayed with the Christmas decorations. Are you going anywhere near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho? if so, do i have a recommendation for you that might even top the Christmas decoration place in terms of creepiness! Larry and i stayed in this place the summer we visited your mom and dad in Montana… Have a great time! marian phalin

  2. Ashley Greene

    We loved having you!!

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